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2021 Spring Cleaning

There will be additional work in the Spring, with an anticipated start date of April 15, 2021. The work will last about a month, and possibly a little longer. As that date draws closer though, we will be given a more accurate estimate for the start of the work and the amount of time it will take.


These are the items to be tackled in the Spring:

  • Landscaping and tree plantings in Downtown

  • Irrigation installation

  • Streetscape fixtures including bollards, benches, tables/chairs, etc.

  • Permanent pavement markings throughout whole job, including Endurablend product at Burdick crosswalks

  • Re-surfacing the detour route on Glaspie

  • Miscellaneous punchlist items and anything else that pops up over winter

A Better Road Ahead

The Michigan Department of Transportation is responsible for the maintenance of M-24, including all of Washington Street within the Village limits. MDOT will be coordinating, and completely funding the four-mile M-24 Road Reconstruction project, valued at an estimated $25,000,000 investment.


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With more then 10 million vehicles traveling through Downtown Oxford annually, M-24 has reached the point of needing critical repair. The central artery of Michigan commerce has been vital to Oxford's growth and success for nearly 100 years, and its restoration will pave the way for a brighter future.

Beginning in 2020, The Michigan Department of Transportation in partnership with the Village of Oxford DDA will lead the effort to completely RESTORE M-24, improving infrastructure, streetscape and pedestrian walkways. 

Our community is unique and has always served as a hub for social gatherings by providing a distinct sense of place. This opportunity will ensure Downtown Oxford continues to be a thriving place to live work, and play.