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Word On The Street - Project Update 6.10.20

The traffic shift went into effect last week, and the main detour is now in place for the duration of the project.

The work at the W. Drahner intersection is progressing nicely. The storm sewer work is underway and water main work started today. They are already starting some of the grading work at this intersection, and have had both crews working to get this intersection buttoned up by July 4th.

Pavement milling and removal is also advancing along M-24 in the northbound lanes, but you will notice that some sections haven't been worked on yet. In the next week they will be bringing specialized equipment to saw cut and remove those portions of pavement.

Expect some temporary side street closures when crews are working in those intersections. The contractors goal is to have those intersections functioning at the close of the work day. We have requested a heads up from MDOT and the Contractor for when specific side streets will be affected.

An MDOT representative has been making the rounds to ensure that signage is completely in place, and they are making adjustments as needed.

There are still some business/building owners that need to have their video monitoring completed. With many of the businesses temporarily closed it has been a challenge for the contractor to get in contact to set up those appointments. If you have not been contacted to have your video monitoring done, please email to get that set up. Provide your address and best contact information. A listing of business addresses can be found here.

We have requested a complete listing from the company doing the monitoring, and are waiting for them to provide that along with copies of the videos. Just a reminder to business owners, video your own property and secure or take down anything that could potentially break from the vibrations.

There have been some questions about why turns are or aren't allowed so we reached out to MDOT's Traffic Designer to get answers. Here is their response:

Many different scenarios regarding signals and allowed movements were considered and evaluated during design, but maintaining NB traffic flowing as smoothly as possible onto the directional detour was the primary goal.

M-24/Drahner Intersection

With heavy NB to EB traffic flow we knew there likely wouldn’t be gaps in traffic for the SB to EB left - meaning the SB to EB movement would only be completed during the yellow light. This would create an unsafe situation and the only way to remedy it would be to introduce a green arrow phase for SB to EB which would have a negative impact on the NB traffic flow to the directional detour. It should be noted that this restriction is only in place until 4th of July then all movements at Drahner will be open.

Oxford Lake/Drahner Intersection

We had assumed that when the signal for NB traffic at Drahner goes red that would allow some time for cars to turn left from Oxford Lk Dr onto Drahner, but in reality NB traffic is probably performing a “rolling stop” at the M-24 intersection after they learned there is no opposing movement which in essence is eliminating the time for cars to turn left out of Oxford Lake. Adding a signal here would negatively impact the traffic flow for NB thru traffic on the directional detour and could potentially create backups into the M-24/Drahner intersection.

Any questions you have about the project can be submitted here.

As always, remember to please drive safely, abide traffic rules, keep workers safe, follow posted detour routes and refrain from using neighborhood side streets. Thank you for your continued patience. We are all in this together. #OxfordStrong

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