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Word On The Street - Project Update 6.24.20

What do cars like

on their toast?

Traffic Jam

All jokes aside, the project is moving along as expected and has remained on schedule.

Get excited! The Drahner intersection is re-opening by July 4th (as long as there aren't any complications). The crews started yesterday installing curb and continue working on it today. They are "gapping out driveways" or leaving those open to maintain access. Stone has been placed in those driveways for now, and the new aprons will be installed soon. Next Monday (6/29) they will be fine grading and beginning the installation of pavement. It will take three days to complete the paving work at this intersection, and once completed and cured the intersection will reopen.

Crews continue to work on the special removal areas and they are in the process of planning for the sidewalk removal in the Downtown. No date has been provided as to when that work will begin though. Special attention is being given to this area because of the Historic Buildings.

The Sewer Crew has been working in the northbound reconstruction section laying new sewer mains and the Grading Crew has been following behind filling back in those areas. This Friday the Sewer Crew will be working at the Ensley intersection and it will be closed Friday and Saturday (6/26 & 6/27). The following Monday (6/29), a second Sewer Crew will begin working in the reconstruct area.

Here's a picture from 1894 of men laying pipe in Oxford. Rumors have been that pipes were wood but this picture shows the men laying iron pipes.

That is all for this week's Word On The Street.

If you have questions about the project, they can be submitted here.

As always, remember to please drive safely, abide traffic rules, keep workers safe, follow posted detour routes and refrain from using neighborhood side streets. Thank you for your continued patience. We are all in this together. #OxfordStrong

Construction & Covid won't stop us from having FUN in Oxford! Here are some upcoming Community Events

Fridays With Friends - Starting June 26 from 5-8 PM.

You can find more information here.

Music in the Park - at the Village Offices

Thursdays July 9 - August 20

Here are the best ways to get to the businesses you love in Oxford and the rear parking lots.

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