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Word On The Street - Project Update 7.22.20

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

This Saturday, July 25th the east half of the intersection at E. Burdick will be closing for 16 days. We had previously reported that the closure was only scheduled for the Saturday & Sunday, but MDOT and the contractor decided to make the choice for efficiency, and close the intersection until the work is complete. The intersection will reopen at 7 am August 10th.

With the intersection closed, how will traffic be diverted? Well, glad you asked here is the detour map.

But what does this map really say about turns and access to businesses? Here is our response to your query

We've got one more map to add to the mix...

Next week, in conjunction with the MDOT closure of the Burdick intersection, The Village will also be completing some work. Scheduled tentatively for next Tuesday & Wednesday (July 28th & 29th) there will be two trenches dug and water and sewer lines installed for the DDA Parking lot project.

With all that said, you will still be able to get to all of your favorite Downtown Businesses! I know they will be so thankful to see you!

The rest of the project is moving along, and we are about at the halfway point. In some places they are ahead of schedule, and in others they have hit a few snags that were easily resolvable - as to be expected for a project this size and scope. At this morning's community leader meeting MDOT reported that they currently have the storm water & sewer crew working North of Burdick. Last week they completed the water services swap out and even got a little paving completed. The current unknown/moving target is the removal of the sidewalks Downtown, and until the pipe crews are done in that section the sidewalks will remain.

That is all for this week's Word On The Street. If you have questions about the project, they can be submitted here.

As always, remember to please drive safely, abide traffic rules, keep workers safe, follow posted detour routes and refrain from using neighborhood side streets. Thank you for your continued patience.

We are all in this together.


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