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Word On The Street - Project Update 7.29.20

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The big news this week is the closures on E. Burdick St and navigating the detours. The Contractor and MDOT is on schedule with their portion of the work, and the reopening will happen August 10th. The Village work on E. Burdick is moving along as well, and the stone is in place for the water main work that was completed yesterday. The contractor for that work is estimating a pave date of Friday.

Because there are multiple detours to keep track of we are including the maps again this week.

The rest of the project is moving along. The stone grade has been completed up to Ensley, and the clay grade is underway North of Ensley. They are working on pipe at the North end of the job.

Sidewalk removals have begun in the Downtown District and the only spots that remain are pieces that will need to be saw cut and removed. All of the bricks from the sidewalks have been salvaged and are being stored at the Contractor's lot. The concrete crews will begin installing the new sidewalks withing the next couple of weeks.

Down by the Movie Theater an underground storage tank was discovered this week, and that is being removed by a special crew. There was also a Catch Basin dug up last week. MDOT's Design Team shared that the oldest engineering records they have are from 1922, and it is likely this artifact was built at that time.

A catch basin is part of the storm water management system. When too much rain hits the system, it flows first into this holding tank until it can be adequately absorbed by the underground pipe system.

It has been relocated to the Polly Ann Trail Weigh Station Park.

These bird's eye views were just too cool not to include this week. Taken by Oxford Charter Township Communications, CJ Carnacchio.

That is all for this week's Word On The Street. If you have questions about the project, they can be submitted here.

As always, remember to please drive safely, abide traffic rules, keep workers safe, follow posted detour routes and refrain from using neighborhood side streets. Thank you for your continued patience.

We are all in this together.


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