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Word On The Street - Project Update 8.12.20

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

It's hard to believe these pictures were only taken a week apart, but they certainly show that progress is being made at the Burdick St. intersection! Thanks again Johnston Photography.

The Burdick St. intersection is on track to re-open tomorrow August 13th. The paving crew is placing the base and leveling layer currently. When the intersection re-opens there will be a difference in grade between the new asphalt and the old road, and they will put a ramp to transition between the two surfaces. The stone grade north of Burdick is will begin in the near future.

Throughout the project you will notice a small lip between the curb and road, and it won't be until the end of the project that the third layer of asphalt will be put down.

In the work zone south of Burdick down to Drahner, there are quite a few things going on in preparation for the traffic shift that goes into effect on 8/21. Light pole foundations are being installed along with the electrical conduit. The irrigation for the trees is also currently going in. Restorative work is also underway for driveways and other miscellaneous wrap ups in this section.

The sidewalks are just about gone, and only a few small sections still remain. The curb work is on-going, and they are beginning to start the grading work for installation.

We're including a condensed version of what to expect in the coming months with the construction project. This schedule shows the major work activities for each stage of construction in both the rehab and reconstruct portion of the project. This schedule incorporates actual construction dates through the end of June. The rest of the dates are projected dates.

Please understand that this schedule is intended to give a simple breakdown of what is happening and when, however dates and duration are subject to change at any time due to weather, utility conflicts, or other reasons. MDOT and the Contractor will do their best to stay on schedule, but in no way is this schedule a guarantee of when stage changes or completion dates will occur so please be mindful of this.

For Downtown Oxford streetscape items – you’ll notice a handful of activities listed like light poles and irrigation. The goal for streetscape items is to get anything underground installed, or anything with a foundation installed this year. Per the contract, above ground streetscape items and landscaping is allowed to take place in spring of 2021, and the contractor is planning to have these items completed by early May of next year, however their schedule does not detail which items and when.

In case you'd like to print a copy for your fridge, here is a PDF version you can download.

Projected Schedule
Download PDF • 172KB

That is all for this week's Word On The Street. If you have questions about the project, they can be submitted here.

As always, remember to please drive safely, abide traffic rules, keep workers safe, follow posted detour routes and refrain from using neighborhood side streets. Thank you for your continued patience.

We are all in this together.


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