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Word On The Street - Project Update 9.9.20

This week's update is a brief one. The traffic shift in Downtown starting at Broadway is in effect. Toward the end of next week or possibly the beginning of the following week southbound traffic will all be using the newly paved portion of the road. There are still some restoration items they need to cross off the list to be able to make this shift happen including sidewalks, back filling, and installation of the remaining light poles. The tree planters are in place and they continue to work on completing the decorative brick areas in the Downtown.

The pavement removal is complete up to Ensley and the water main work has been completed. Digging for the sanitary sewer started today as well. This underground work for the sanitary sewer work is going to take a good chunk of time to complete, and fingers crossed they will get the road complete by November 15th. They are a couple weeks behind where they would like to be, but are still hopeful they will be able to complete on time.

Any questions you have about the project can be submitted here.

As always, remember to please drive safely, abide traffic rules, keep workers safe, follow posted detour routes and refrain from using neighborhood side streets. Thank you for your continued patience. We are all in this together. #OxfordStrong

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